I wanted to wait to give an honest review until I had used the product for at least a month and here’s why:

I have plaque psoriasis on my calves, knees, forearms and elbows. I have tried every single topical ointment and cream OTC and prescription out there. I also recently had 20 laser treatments on my plaque psoriasis. NOTHING has helped. in fact, it has just gotten bigger. at this point I am desperate for anything to give me relief from the pain and itching.

I saw you had this body butter and I figured I’d give it a try, if nothing else it would be hydrating to my skin and I could use it everywhere else on my body.

I have been BLOWN away by the results. since using this product, my psoroais has become less thick, less itchy, painless, less red and smaller. i apply a very liberal amount to my psoriasis 3-5 times a day and massage it into the skin really well. hopefully it continues on this great path of clearing up!! I couldn’t love this body butter more!

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that I have 2 very young toddlers. whenever I have used a prescription or OTC ointment or cream, I had to be very careful about my kids touching my treated skin areas as most of them were not safe for children to touch or ingest. with this product, I NEVER have to worry about it getting on my kids, as I know all the ingredients are perfectly healthy and safe!!

I would love to see other scents offered, as I’m not totally a floral person. however of floral is all you have, I’ll still be a lifetime customer!!!

thank you so much Betty!!!!!


correction, it definitely hasn’t been a month, but it’s been a few weeks!!!


Woo hoo This is great news Melanie! I’m so happy our body butter has helped you so much!!! I know my whole family has benefited as well. No more eczema,  or bumps,  on our arms. Can I share your review to my fb page and web site? I’m going to be making unscented soon just let me know when your ready for more and I’ll make it fresh for you! Thank you for getting back to me!